Jarrah Honey TA 55 Capsules

300.00 AED

Custom packaged to fit all espresso machines.

Each Capsule can be used for 2 Cups.

Each Packet contains 10 Capsules.

The Jarrah trees only grow in Western Australia and only blooms once every 2 years. TA represents the total activity in honey. The higher the TA, the stronger the antibacterial ability of honey. In 2019, beekeepers harvested a small batch of Jarrah honey with a TA index of 57, which is the highest level of honey with the TA index. Such high TA Jarrah honey has appeared for the first time in recent years. It is extremely precious and rare.
Jarrah honey is considered a low-GI food. Its low glycemic index will not cause an increase in blood sugar. Jarrah TA55 + has up to 50.8 fructose and less than 0.1 sucrose. The higher the fructose index in food, the lower the number of sucrose, the lower the level of insulin caused.


Low GI foods can also help the body burn fat, reduce fat storage, and achieve the effect of weight loss.
Another important index is Polyphenol. Compared with Total Activity, polyphenol is stable. This batch of Jarrah Honey TA55+ has higher polyphenol, which means this batch of honey has stronger antioxidant and higher antibacterial capability.

Jarrah honey differentiate has for its medicinal properties, low glucose levels, and high antimicrobial activity.

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