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Jarrah Honey

Our Active JARRAH honey is extracted from hives that reside in remote parts of Western Australia. The presence of bees in the pristine wilderness and clean rivers helps to produce the best purest honey that can be produced. The effectiveness of honey is measured in the elimination of bacteria (phenol) and symbolizes the effectiveness of the symbol (TA) with the activity of the microbial antibody, which includes a number to determine its antimicrobial strength.

Since our honey is not heat-treated or exposed and is not subjected to super filtration, so it retains all the active properties and useful nutrients such as pollen, enzymes, antioxidants, and natural flavors.

JARRAH adheres to “Quality First” and is engaged to provide 100% natural raw honey that is taken straight from beehives to you.


Wounds and burns

Apply the honey directly on the wound or place the ulcer to help heal. Remove the honey from the affected area. Place gauze or dressing and keep it dry. The next day, you can see the wonderful healing capacities of the neighbor’s honey.

JARRAH honey is also useful in helping to reduce burns (including sunburn).

High fructose

Fructose is absorbed slowly and more evenly than glucose, which means it is ideal for hard training and diabetes. There is also a guide by the creators of Spat Diet, Mike and Stewart Michaels. Foods that contain high fructose, such as natural honey such as honey, help burn fat during sleep and increase stamina as a result. It can also help to deal with diseases such as diabetes.

Ulcers and sore throats

JARRAH honey helps fight stomach bacteria known as parenchyma pylori, which causes ulcers and bad breath. Gargling with neighbor’s honey helps to relieve a sore throat.

Mouth ulcers often occur after chemotherapy and can be very painful and uncomfortable. Place a teaspoon of honey in your mouth and keep it in your mouth for as long as possible to promote healing.


Western Australia (WA) protects state forests where strict quarantine controls are imposed for products from the diaspora brought from abroad or across other states. This is the main reason Western Australia (WA) is the only place in the world free of pests and diseases. Therefore, insecticides are not used on hives, allowing for the exceptional production of this honey. It is also the reason why honey is different from other products.

Jarrah honey is in short supply because of diminishing forest reserves, unpredictable climate. Jarrah honey will continue to become more limited as its unique qualities are recognized by discerning customers.

High in medicinal and bioactive anti-oxidants

Due to its high levels of antioxidants, JAR RAH honey helps to revitalize the active skin cells, stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and proteins to soften wrinkles, build collagen, and fight acne. Foods that contain high levels of antioxidants fight free radicals that attack healthy cells, according to the National Cancer Institute of Australia. Thus, it can be said that levels of anti-oxidant JAR RAH honey can also reduce the risk of cancer.

Low glycemic & low glucose for positive medical results

The low glycemic index (glycemic index) helps to obtain more positive medical results. It is known that low-glycemic foods reduce the insulin response in the body and improve the level of cholesterol in the blood, which is important Especially with age. JARRAH honey contains a lower glucose level than other types of honey (high in fructose)، so it car-i be appropriate, when taken moderately, for diabetics (consult your doctor first). For this reason, JAR RAH honey also takes longer to crystallize than other honey species which generally contain a high percentage of glucose.

Hydrogen peroxide as an active compound

Unlike alternative products, Jarrah contains hydrogen peroxide compounds that create a winning combination of delicious sweetness, antimicrobial effectiveness, and infinite shelf life. This compound, when applied to the face, gives a lightening effect – perfect for treating acne.