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Sour edge to future of healing WA honey

A POTENTIAL multi-million-dollar industry based on the heal-ing properties of jarrah forest honey is at risk because of State Government plans to create new conservation parks. The WA Beekeepers Association said apiarists faced eviction or would be forced to move operations under the changes. The concerns follow the release yesterday of Agriculture Depart-ment and association …

Sour edge to future of healing WA honey قراءة المزيد »

Antimicrobial Activity of Honeys

A total of 272 honeys have been sampled for antimicrobial activity since October 2001. These include honeys from coastal, forest, Goldfields, urban, exotic and overseas flora. What makes honey antimicrobial? There are two ways honey is considered antimicrobial – through hydrogen peroxide activity and non-peroxide activity. Honeys with non-peroxide activity only appear to come from …

Antimicrobial Activity of Honeys قراءة المزيد »